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Brian Lack

“We’re sleeping better at night knowing that our protection is far stronger than before, while preserving the secrecy of voting traffic. I believe we have the very best, the Cadillac of security right now, which has also improved our ability to market our online voting system. Both TERAGO and Radware have gone above and beyond our expectations in terms of product delivery of their DDoS solution and technical support.”

Company Overview

Launched in 2003, Simply Voting Inc. is a Montreal-based specialized provider of secure, hosted online elections. Over 4000 organizations including municipalities, universities and unions from 67 countries, rely on the company’s voting system in order to safely execute their elections. Simply Voting is transforming elections across industries due to their voting system’s secure protocols, ease-of-use, and flexible solutions.

Business Need

Simply Voting Inc. is a full-service provider of secure, hosted online elections. The company’s mission is to provide secure, trustworthy and efficient e-democracy to organizations. The increasing operation of online voting and cyber attacks is posing a threat to the security of online elections. Denial-of-service (DoS) attacks are evolving into complex and overwhelming security challenges which Simply Voting must adapt to in order to fulfill their promise of being a reliable and secure provider. The company requires the highest level of security so they can effectively operate their internet voting service and provide their clients with quality voting results.


The joint Radware and TERAGO cloud based distributed denial-of-service (DDoS) protection solution provides Simply Voting with the highest level of protection in order to meet their business needs. The DDoS protection service monitors all traffic entering its network for large volume floods that aim to disrupt the service. By combining TERAGO’s minimal latency network-based DDoS mitigation with Radware’s DefensePro attack mitigation appliances and cloud-based scrubbing capacity of their Cloud DDoS Protection service, voters can now trust the results of the online elections that take place on Simply Voting.


Simply Voting can now be confident in their voting system due to the best-in-class protection solution offered by Radware and TERAGO. With the always-on protection solution, Simply Voting will be prepared for all types of DDoS attacks which allows the company to provide their customers with the most effective and secure voting platform.


With confirmed cases of cyber interference during the past two U.S. elections, election security has become one of the most talked-about cybersecurity topics. Due to the digitization of the process, elections are facing an increasing number of threats which are proving to be hard to anticipate and control. Denial-of-service (DoS) attacks are a common threat to Simply Voting. Although DoS is not a new phenomenon, it has dramatically evolved to include distributed denial-of-service (DDoS) attacks. These large volume floods of traffic aimed to disrupt the service are preventing legitimate voters from having access to online voting systems which is impacting the sanctity of the election results.


Radware, a leading provider of cyber security and application delivery solutions, and TERAGO, a leading networking, colocation and cloud services provider, have worked together to provide Simply Voting with the best security solution to prevent cyber attacks. The combined solution is a cloud based distributed denial-of-service protection solution which uses TERAGO’s real time protection and minimal latency network-based DDoS mitigation with Radware’s DefensePro attack mitigation appliances and cloud-based scrubbing capacity of their Cloud DDoS Protection Service. This always-on solution can detect and mitigate all types of DDoS attacks within seconds. The DefensePro locally filters all traffic entering Simply Voting’s private cloud infrastructure hosted at TERAGO data centres. This hybrid solution leverages the real-time protection and minimal latency which an online voting system requires.

End Result

Simply Voting is now in the position to offer their clients a reliable and secure voting service. The joint implementation of the advanced DDoS protection solution completely strikes DDoS off the list of threats, while enhancing their posture for secrecy of the ballot and man-in-the middle threats. With the upcoming Ontario (Canada) municipal election in 2022, many municipalities will be offering online voting which will require security protection since attacks are to be suspected. Due to Radware and TERAGO’s security services, Simply Voting will not be worried about any security threats come election day. The cloud-based DDoS protection solution will continue to help overcome critical challenges for Simply Voting and elevate protection for Canadian voting.

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