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Connectivity > TeraGo 5G

TeraGo has Canada’s largest nationwide millimeter wave spectrum holdings, including the 7 largest cites in the country.  Throughout 2020 and beyond, TeraGo will continue to invest in 5G technology trials and proof of concepts to explore how 5G Fixed Wireless solutions can be brought to market and solve real-world problems for our customers.

Emerging Services

Advanced Network Services
  • Ultra high-speed connectivity
  • Reliable and low latency
  • Point to multi-point connections
  • Faster turn-up of CPE equipment
Enhanced Product Capability
  • Broader range of access connections & speeds
  • Backup service, load sharing
  • Enhanced SD-WAN solutions
  • Hybrid cloud solutions
  • Internet access diversity
Upcoming Applications
  • Private network solutions
  • Industrial IoT applications
  • Intelligent infrastructure
  • Edge computing
  • Enhanced data analytics & security
  • Enable transformational solutions

Common Myths

For Mobile Only
  • The Reality: 5G also covers fixed location uses. For example, Verizon has deployed ‘High Speed Internet Access’ in residential areas of major US cities as an alternative to cable, DSL or fibre optic links.
Revamping Existing Networks
  • The Reality: 5G will be overlaid on top of existing 4G mobile & fixed networks. Much of the underlying network infrastructure like cell towers and fibre optic links to the towers can be reused making the rollout much less complex.
Canada Lags Behind
  • The Reality: Most Canadian wireless networks are equipped with state of the art technology. Canada is home to many innovative technology players who are leveraging a large pool of talent in areas like Big Data and Artificial Intelligence.

“We went to a number of options with a set of needs, and we found the best fit with TeraGo. They were able to provide a balance of quality response time, high availability, bandwidth, and reasonable pricing that competitors just didn’t offer.

Customer Stories John Thompson, IT Director

“Kitchen Stuff Plus first became a TeraGo client many years ago. When we opened a site in a location that couldn’t receive DSL service, TeraGo was the only provider that met our needs. Since then, the excellent service they’ve provided us has led us to choose them as the primary network provider for all of our 12 locations across Canada.”

Customer Stories Ken Pack, President

“TeraGo delivers exceptional services for our company. We run a multitude of applications over their secure Internet at a great price. Customer service is very important to me. Whenever I’ve had questions regarding our account, my dedicated account manager has been very helpful, informative and friendly.”

Customer Stories Jeff Tsai, Network Administrator

“We are thrilled with what TeraGo does for us. Besides the technical aspect, they help us do our jobs better and help us make better use of our dollars.”