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Introducing TeraGo Managed Network Services (MNS). A better way to manage your network and optimize your IT infrastructure.

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Connectivity > Managed SD-WAN

TeraGo’s Managed SD-WAN (Software Defined-Wide Area Network) is a transformational network solution delivering secure, highly reliable networks that optimize performance. Deploy over public and private networks to seamlessly integrate offices, data centres, and cloud services through a centralized system.


Business Agility
  • Rapid deployment of sites with zero touch edge configurations
  • Expedited change management – implement network wide changes in seconds
  • Highly scalable – easily add additional sites, cloud services or increase bandwidth
  • Support short-term site deployments such as pop-up shops and construction offices
Cost Efficiency
  • Reduce private network bandwidth costs by leveraging cost effective broadband Internet links without sacrificing security or reliability
  • Reduce capital investment in hardware – Managed SD-WAN includes all hardware as part of the service
  • Minimize IT resource costs by allowing TeraGo’s team of Network professionals to manage and maintain your corporate WAN
Reliability & Performance
  • 99% site uptime by aggregating multiple, diverse links with sub-second response to link failures
  • Improve application performance by dynamically steering packets based on business requirements and real-time link conditions

Managed Services

Design & Implementation
  • Leverage TeraGo’s team of Network Professionals to design, configure and activate your SD-WAN network.
Project Management
  • Simplify the transition to SD-WAN with experienced Project Managers that are with you from network design through deployment.
Availability Monitoring
  • Reduce outages with 24×7 availability monitoring of network connections and SD-WAN Edge devices
Monitoring & Reporting
  • Optimize network performance with granular monitoring and reporting of key network performance metrics.
Repair & Restoration
  • Active monitoring, automated notifications and proactive restoration of SD-WAN network connections and on-site SD-WAN Edge devices.
Change Management
  • Reduce IT expenditures by allowing TeraGo Network Professionals to manage your SD-WAN network upgrades and updates.

Use Cases

Simplify WAN Management & Reduce Costs
  • Centralized orchestration and zero-touch configuration significantly reduces new site implementation complexity.
  • Leverage built-in SD-WAN application profiles to reduce implementation time and IT resources required to roll-out new applications across the organization.
Enable Cloud Transition
  • Optimize connections to cloud service providers and cloud-based applications.
  • Seamlessly support multi-cloud digital transformation.
Optimize UCaaS Performance
  • Prioritize voice and video traffic across the network.
  • Optimize connections to cloud-based UCaaS applications.

“We went to a number of options with a set of needs, and we found the best fit with TeraGo. They were able to provide a balance of quality response time, high availability, bandwidth, and reasonable pricing that competitors just didn’t offer.”

Customer Stories John Thompson, IT Director

“Kitchen Stuff Plus first became a TeraGo client many years ago. When we opened a site in a location that couldn’t receive DSL service, TeraGo was the only provider that met our needs. Since then, the excellent service they’ve provided us has led us to choose them as the primary network provider for all of our 12 locations across Canada.”

Customer Stories Ken Pack, President

“TeraGo delivers exceptional services for our company. We run a multitude of applications over their secure Internet at a great price. Customer service is very important to me. Whenever I’ve had questions regarding our account, my dedicated account manager has been very helpful, informative and friendly.”

Customer Stories Jeff Tsai, Network Administrator

“We are thrilled with what TeraGo does for us. Besides the technical aspect, they help us do our jobs better and help us make better use of our dollars.”