> Managed SD WAN – Your Gateway to Better Customer Experiences

Managed SD WAN – Your Gateway to Better Customer Experiences


Building out an efficient IT network is not easy. Stitching together various branches, offices and data centres to ensure proper operation everywhere is always challenging for IT administrators. This webinar examines how SD-WAN can improve networking infrastructure by providing a centralized management system of an entire network and decouple provisioning from the physical devices and connections at each location.


• The benefits of SD-WAN including business agility, reliability, performance and security
• How advanced analytics & reporting helps identify application and data usage trends proactively
• Demonstrating the capabilities of the centralized, cloud-based management system on the VeloCloud platform


David Wale, Product Manager, Connectivity Solutions, TeraGo
David Plewes, Solutions Architect, TeraGo
Steve Horgan, Director, Product Management, NetFortris
Derek Donian, Director, Sales Engineering, NetFortris