> COVID-19 Update – Operating at Full Capacity to Support our Customers and Partners

COVID-19 Update – Operating at Full Capacity to Support our Customers and Partners

Dear TeraGo Customers and Partners,

The situation around COVID-19 continues to impact the operations of organizations on a global scale. The health and safety of TeraGo’s customers, employees and partners remain our primary focus, and we are committed to continue to provide uninterrupted and exceptional service nation-wide.

As anticipated, overall online usage, network volume and demand for virtual collaboration continues to increase as organizations and employees adjust to working from home. TeraGo is dedicated to helping our customers & partners adjust and scale their needs during this time, while ensuring the security and safety of their network. We would like to ensure our community that we are operating at full capacity, including continuing deployments and all levels of service. Our Corporate Pandemic Response Plan is in place to ensure that we are taking the necessary steps to maintain our network, data centres and critical facilities while staying compliant with regional and national legislation. Our facilities remain operational as usual including sufficient staffing and 24×7 support.

TeraGo will continue to communicate any necessary updates with our partners, customers, contractors, and community. If you have any questions regarding support or your service, please do not hesitate to reach out. We are continuing to develop plans to help our customers and partners stay productive and protected during this time.


Thank You,

Blake Wetzel
Chief Revenue Officer

Duncan McGregor
VP, Engineering & Operations