> Managed Network Services: An Interview with TeraGo’s Networking Product Manager, David Wale

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Managed Network Services: An Interview with TeraGo’s Networking Product Manager, David Wale

We sat down with TeraGo’s Networking Product Manager, David Wale to discuss Managed Network Services and why it’s important for business customers.

As the product manager for TeraGo’s Connectivity Portfolio, why is Managed Network Services an essential product offering for business customers?

Many customers have made a strategic decision to focus valuable IT resources on their core business – activities that drive revenue. They don’t want to be managing infrastructure. But with businesses moving more applications into the Cloud, network connectivity is quickly becoming a critical component of their operations.

TeraGo Managed Network Services provides a variety of network tools and professional services that help customers to manage and maintain their networks. From basic 24/7 monitoring to fully managed network solutions, customers can leverage the TeraGo expertise and service components they need to keep their networks running.

What does Managed Network Services Include?

  • Proactive Monitoring – continuous monitoring and proactive restoration of network connections and devices
  • Network Device Management – configuration, management and maintenance of network devices
  • Advanced Monitoring and Reporting – network monitoring, reporting and analytics that help customers to optimize the performance of their networks

Can you elaborate on the cost savings that business customers gain from Managed Network Services?

Managed Network Services help business customers to reduce operational costs, capital expenditures and productivity losses.

Most IT departments find network management to be onerous. Responding to service incidents, applying security patches, or configuring networks to optimize performance consumes valuable IT cycles. Managed Network Services allow business customers to reduce their operational costs by leveraging TeraGo’s systems and network professionals to manage their networks.

Also, many business customers are attracted to Managed Network Services because they bundle the cost of the hardware and maintenance into one monthly management amount, eliminating the capital cost of buying network equipment.

Finally, network outages can cost customers thousands of dollars per minute in lost productivity. With 24/7 monitoring of network devices and circuits, TeraGo can quickly identify and respond to service incidents, reducing the length and severity of network outages.

How does TeraGo’s Managed Network Services improve efficiency as well as reduce outages for organizations?

Business customers can reduce the length and severity of network outages by leveraging TeraGo’s Proactive Monitoring. With Proactive Monitoring, TeraGo technicians will identify an outage and initiate a repair and restoration process within 5 minutes of a service incident.

Customers can optimize their network’s performance by leveraging TeraGo’s management systems to monitor and provide analytics on a wide variety of device and network metrics.

Additionally, customers can leverage the experience of TeraGo’s team of network professionals to help them evaluate their applications and operations, and design, configure and optimize the performance of their networks.

How do IT teams benefit from TeraGo’s advanced management systems and team of network experts?

Most IT departments do not have the resources to effectively manage and maintain their networks. Because TeraGo manages and maintains thousands of network connections, business customers can leverage TeraGo’s resources to augment their IT teams and help manage their networks. Examples include:

  • A highly skilled Network Engineering team with a vast amount of experience designing, configuring and optimizing customer networks
  • Two geo-diverse NOCs offering 24/7 customer support
  • A national team of Field Technicians supporting installations, repairs and restorations at customer sites
  • Dedicated network management systems that provide 24/7 monitoring and detailed network analytics for customers


David Wale is a Networking Product Manager at TeraGo with 20+ years experience managing IoT, Cloud, mobile, network and RFID products and solutions.