> Backup – What You Need to Know Right Now

Backup – What You Need to Know Right Now


As employees are increasingly moving their offices to their homes and cottages, and accessing networks on different devices, compliance becomes a huge risk. TeraGo and Cohesity explain, how in this chaotic landscape where data is more fragmented than ever, Backup is essential to meet compliance, and protect corporate data and networks.


  • Why organizations will need to become more strategic and flexible with their infrastructure in order to manage corporate data in this new landscape.
  • How Cohesity can help simplify management with a platform equipped to store all of your fragmented data in one place.
  • An explanation from TeraGo experts on why your Backup solution requires high performance infrastructure and the expertise to manage it.

Mohamed Jivraj, Director Cloud and Data Centre Services, TeraGo
Jeffrey Burdey, Director Sales, Cohesity