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Virtual Server FAQ

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Q. Can the specifications of the Virtual Servers be changed outside of what is defined on the website?
A. Yes, contact TeraGo Sales and we can build a Virtual Server to your exact specifications. Note pricing will change based on the details of your order.

Q. Is there a price reduction available if purchased in bulk?
A. No. The current prices are as low a price as we can offer.

Q. Can a console be offered so I can manage my VM’s.
A. Yes, contact TeraGo Sales and we can build a Virtual Server package to meet your specific needs. Note pricing will change based on the details of your order.

Q. How long is my term?
A. We will bill monthly, for 12 months. You can cancel at any time by logging in to your TeraGo Online Account.

Q. Can I get a refund if I was billed for a month but didn’t use my VM?
A. No, no refunds will be offered.

Q. How do I cancel my subscription?
A. The best way to cancel your subscription is through your TeraGo Online Account which is created for you when you sign up for the service. The Account Portal is located here: https://terago.ca/my-account.

Q. Do I get a portal I can access for support?
A. Yes, a Customer Service portal will be opened for you once you place your order. Login information will be supplied in the welcome email. The portal is here: https://support.terago.cloud. You also get access to your billing account information located here: https://terago.ca/my-account.

Q. How can I get support for the product?
A. The best method is to put a ticket in through the Customer Service portal here: https://support.terago.cloud. We will address your issue as quickly as we can.

Q. When can I expect to get my VM after I place my order?
A. Within 24hrs or less.

Q. Can I turn my VM on or off to stop billing?
A. No, the VM runs 24/7 for the full term unless the subscription is cancelled. Once the subscription is cancelled we will shut down the VM. You are responsible for moving your data out of the VM before cancelling the subscription.

Q. Can I get a firewall added?
A. Yes, we can add a virtual firewall fairly easily, contact Sales to get this added to your order.

Q. Backup: What’s included in the Managed Backup option? Why is it priced at $52?
A. TeraGo uses the Veeam Backup platform, and TGO technical staff does the backup automatically for you, and can assist with any restore requirements. Storage is included in this price. We provide a 2-1 ratio – so for example if you order the package that has 50GB storage we supply 100GB of backup storage.

Q. What is the currency used for purchase and can it be changed to any other currency type?
A. We use Canadian dollars on the site, and cannot support other currencies at this time.

Q. Where can I find the terms & conditions?
A. You can read the terms & conditions by following this link.

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