> TeraGo Expands Product Portfolio with Managed Networking Services

TeraGo Expands Product Portfolio with Managed Networking Services

TeraGo Managed Network Services enables business customers to optimize performance, reduce outages and reduce costs on their network infrastructure by leveraging TeraGo’s advanced management systems and team of network experts. The service provides business class support for customer Internet and WAN connections. The turn-key and scalable offering includes:

  • Proactive Monitoring – 24/7 continuous monitoring of network connections and equipment, with TeraGo network professionals proactively triaging service incidents and affecting repairs before they cause significant issues;
  • Advanced Reporting and Analytics – a rich set of advanced analytics and reporting that allows network managers to fine-tune and optimize their application and network performance; and
  • Network Device Management – TeraGo provided network devices that are fully managed and maintained by TeraGo network professionals.

“We are pleased to continue to support Canadian and International businesses with advance networking solutions,” said TeraGo COO and CRO Blake Wetzel. “TeraGo’s Managed Networking Services provide IT managers with the real-time information and reporting that allows them to build and manage efficient and reliable network infrastructures.”

TeraGo has partnered with a leader in the IT Infrastructure Monitoring market, to deliver this service. TeraGo will continue to focus on delivering premium networking solutions to businesses. For more information about TeraGo Managed Networking Services or our other services that may be suitable for your business, please call 1.866.837.2465. You may also visit our website at www.terago.ca.


About TeraGo

TeraGo owns a national spectrum portfolio of exclusive 24 GHz and 38 GHz wide-area spectrum licences including 2,120 MHz of spectrum across Canada’s 6 largest cities. TeraGo provides businesses across Canada with cloud, colocation and connectivity services. TeraGo manages over 3,000 cloud workloads, operates five data centres in the Greater Toronto Area, the Greater Vancouver Area, and Kelowna, and owns and manages its own IP network. The Company serves business customers in major markets across Canada including Toronto, Montreal, Calgary, Edmonton, Vancouver, Ottawa and Winnipeg. For more information about TeraGo, please visit www.terago.ca.


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