> Five Ways That Cloud Can Help Your Business

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Five Ways That Cloud Can Help Your Business

Are you maximizing your cloud potential? With the right strategy in place, the cloud can deliver competitive advantage, superior focus, productivity – and a better bottom line.

Cloud computing is more important than ever in the digital age – especially for business, which needs to manage and move vast amounts of information every nanosecond. “To maximize the benefits of the cloud, think of it as a business plan and not just a tech strategy,” says Tony Ciciretto, president and CEO for TeraGo, an end-to-end cloud services company that helps companies migrate to the cloud.

“Many business leaders come to us having experimented in moving a few simple workloads to the cloud, and find that by collaborating with our team and creating a hybrid IT approach they see the bigger picture, and achieve the bigger impact, of cloud,” he says.

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