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IT Director
Eli S.

“TERAGO provides excellent services for our company. They were the only provider that could deliver seamless and reliable service when we needed a backup ISP with required speeds. We are always impressed by their customer service and quality response time. TERAGO is a provider that we continue to recommend to others.”

Company Overview

Incorporated in 1983, Debco is a leading promotional products supplier in Canada and the US. Specialising in the advertising industry, Debco is best know for their creative product solutions. As a member of the Hub Promotional Group, they strive to deliver top quality product offerings. They continue to expand their production facilities and extend their North American distribution network to provide faster service across a broader portfolio.

Business Need

Debco is a leading promotional products solutions company in the Promotional Marketing industry. In order to continue run their operations efficiently, Debco required internet redundancy for their primary connection in their Vaughan office. Located in an older building in the Greater Toronto Area, there were no backup internet options that met their needs. The dominant Canadian Telco’s were not available in the area and the only choices were DSL offerings with extremely low speeds that were not sustainable for their daily operations.


The Debco team, discovered TERAGO; a single source provider for connectivity, colocation, private/public/hybrid cloud, disaster recovery, managed services and professional services. TERAGO offered a variety of internet connectivity options, including, fibre, fixed wireless, DSL, cable, and LTE with speeds up to 1 Gbps. TERAGO was able to offer a wide portfolio of connectivity services with speeds that fulfilled Debco’s needs. As a result, Debco brought on TERAGO to supply backup internet services for their Vaughan office.


Debco has peace of mind knowing that they have reliable backup internet services in place to support their daily operations. They are confident that in the event of disruptions or outages, they will be able to seamlessly failover to the secondary line without impacting their company’s productivity or bottom line. In turn, having this solution in place enhanced customer satisfaction for Debco, making sure that they experienced consistent business grade speeds and service.


As one of the most decorated promotional product suppliers in Canada, Debco required backup internet services for their offices in order to maintain the required levels of production and manufacturing to supply their solutions. Finding a suitable internet service provider for redundancy proved to be very difficult as there were no reasonable options available in their area. The dominant telco players were not serviceable at these locations and they could only find DSL services with extremely low speeds that were not effective for their business.


TERAGO was the internet solutions provider available in the area to provide Debco with business grade redundant services for their primary connection. Debco can continue to scale their business and increase production knowing that they have secure back up internet services in place in the event that an outage or disruption occurs. In the case of an internet interruption, the primary connection would fail seamlessly to TERAGO, ensuring a secure solution and minimizing the chance of downtime for their organization.

End Result

Debco is able to maintain and scale their operations without worrying about internet disruptions that will impact their company’s productivity or threaten the security of their data. With TERAGO supplying redundant internet services, Debco can continue to deliver optimal services for their customers. They can focus on optimizing the efficiency of their operations without having to worry about disruptions that would cause security threats or vulnerabilities to their workloads. With workloads more dispersed than ever before, backup, security and redundant lines are more important than ever. With companies managing remote environments and volumes of desperate applications, network outages can be even more problematic, making a secondary internet service an absolute necessity.

TERAGO’s internet services for Debco, proved to be extremely reliable and easy to scale for their different requirements. In addition, Debco was always impressed with the exceptional customer and technical support they received, making TERAGO their internet provider of choice. As a result, Debco have expanded their services with TERAGO, implementing TERAGO as their primary ISP in two of their warehouse locations. TERAGO remains a dependable and reliable provider that Debco continues to recommend to others.

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