Case Study Managed SD-WAN Solution for Ducks Unlimited

“We are pleased to work with TeraGo on their SD-WAN solution to generate deeper visibility and networking analytics for our numerous locations. We pride ourselves on working with great partners like TeraGo who are recognized for delivering exceptional IT solutions...

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Announcements Managing Your Network Just Got Easier

Introducing TeraGo Managed Network Services (MNS). A better way to manage your network and optimize your IT infrastructure.

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Webinars Keep Your Business Secure with Microsoft 365

Watch TeraGo, Microsoft and Veeam have a comprehensive discussion on how M365 enables organizations to improve productivity and achieve more, faster while keeping security at the forefront.


Migration Services > Cloud Migration

Accelerate your cloud migration with a strategy to enable better business outcomes. Work with our experts too quickly and efficiently get you up and running in the cloud with minimal impact on daily operations. TeraGo uses the right tools and processes to provide full migration coverage while also testing and validating strategy to ensure a successful migration.


Establish a Clear Path
  • Closely working with your IT teams to establish a clear path for migration and document the necessary findings.
  • Our experienced Solutions Architects will build a complete migration plan and conduct feasibility assessment to minimize any material impact to your systems.
  • Providing you with the needed visibility into the cloud migration project so you can continuously monitor and assess progress.
Seamless Execution
  • Deploy and configure necessary tools to provide full migration coverage and enable automation for an efficient migration execution.
  • Perform full migration activity to quickly and efficiently get you up and running in the cloud.
  • Ensure all application dependencies are discovered, documented and dealt with to avoid unnecessary delays.
  • Migrate single workload or mass migration to improve time to value.
Validated & Tested
  • Conduct testing and validation post migration to ensure systems are functioning optimally.
  • Compare pre-migration and post-migration test results and uncover any performance or end-use experience degradation.
  • Provide necessary documentation for a seamless handover to the customer.
Customer Stories Dustin Cassar, Co-owner, QuickTech

“We went to a number of options with a set of needs, and we found the best fit with TeraGo. They were able to provide a balance of quality response time, high availability, bandwidth, and reasonable pricing that competitors just didn’t offer.”


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