• Technical Support

    Support: 866-TERAGO2 (866-837-2462) • Email: NOC@TERAGO.CA • Twitter: TeraGo_Support

TeraGo Technical Support Process

Technical Support

Call 866-TERAGO2 to report a problem with your service.

TeraGo Cloud CSC – login here.

  • The Technical Support team will respond in less than 20 minutes.
  • For non-urgent requests you can reach us at NOC@TERAGO.CA (Please note email requests are actioned within 24 to 48 hours).
  • TeraGo Technical Support will require the following information to better serve your needs:
    • Name, phone number & existing Ticket # if applicable.
    • Service type, site(s) or location(s) impacted.
    • All relevant information describing the reported problem, including impact to Customer.
  • An Incident Ticket number will be issued for tracking and follow up.
  • Initial Triage will be conducted. An update will be provided in less than 1 hour from the time the incident is received by the TeraGo Technical Support team.
  • When the issue is resolved, TeraGo Technical Support will contact you with resolution details.


Technical Support Escalation Matrix

Escalation Level Operations  Technical Support

Management Level

Contact Details
1 Technical Support – Level 1 866-TERAGO2 NOC@TERAGO.CA
2 Technical Team Leader – Garcia Holness 647-300-7392
3 NOC Manager – Luigi Arabia 647-405-7152
4 Sr. NOC Manager – Victor Diarias 416-886-9296

TeraGo Technical Support will post updates via @TeraGo_Support Twitter feed during major network incidents.

TeraGo Internet / Voice NOC Escalation Matrix

Escalation Level Operations Technical Support Management Level Contact Details
1 NOC Technician 1.866.468.1158


2 NOC Manager – Jordan Rector 1.250.448.2229


3 Sr. NOC Manager – Victor Diarias 1.905.707.8846



TeraGo Cloud Escalation Process

  1. Open a ticket with our NOC –  https://support.terago.cloud/

Support will respond accordingly based on the severity of the incident

Severity Description Response MTTR Escalation
1 Business Halted – Affecting Users 30 Min. 60 Min. 90 Min
2 Business Impacted – Affecting Users 30 Min. 90 Min. 180 Min
3 Non-Critical – Workaround but inconvenienced 30 Min. 8 Hrs. 24 Hrs
4 Service Request – able to do work 90 Min. 48 Hrs. 7 Days
  1. If you have not heard back from a member of our NOC staff within 30 minutes for a Sev 1-3 incident or 90 minutes for Sev 4 request, please call our support line: 1.866.468.1158
  1. Based on the severity of the issue according to the table above, please engage Cloud NOC Manager:

      Jordan Rector

  1. If NOC Manager is unavailable or you have not received a response within 60 – 120 minutes, please engage Sr. NOC Manager:

    Victor Diarias


Severity Definitions

Sev 1 – Business Halted

The customer’s business is unable to function because of the event. For example, full network loss would prevent customer/user access to their equipment. Apache failing to start/run would prevent access to websites.

Sev 2 – Business Impacted

The customer’s business is able to function at a greatly reduced capacity. For example, High network latency may be causing incredibly slow access to customer equipment. High server load may be causing websites to perform slowly. The business can function, but the issues are highly visible to the business’ users.

Sev 3 – Non-Critical

The issue neither halts the customer’s business nor is visible to the users. A workaround is introduced and is available while the underlying issue is being resolved. For example, Apache may be functioning just fine, websites are loading properly, but PSA or CPanel is unavailable or misbehaving. The customer is able to use the shell to function while the PSA or CPanel issue is being resolved.

Sev 4 – Service Request

If the service request falls within our support matrix or paid support offerings, and none of the above classifications applies, then the ticket is classified fully as a service request.