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Common Causes of IT Disruption and What to do About Them

This week’s guest blog was written by Brent Whitfield, CEO of DCG Technical Solutions Inc. There was a time, not too long ago, when one of a business owner’s main concerns was losing his or her assets through fire, storm damage or flood. While insurers catered to these fears by providing comprehensive business insurance policies,…

How to Tackle Shadow IT

Author: This week’s blog post was written by guest blogger, Adam Ferraresi. Adam a technology enthusiast, lives in Dallas, Texas, has a successful career in web development and is trusted writer of When Adam’s not concocting some new interesting articles, he loves researching industry topics and reading up on the latest trends that impact businesses….

Lower IT Spending and Increase End-User Happiness with Infrastructure as a Service

Lower IT Spending by 33% and Increase End-User Happiness by 32% With Cloud-Enabled Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) Managing your own IT infrastructure is beginning to become a burden, and for some organizations, an unbearable one. Many enterprises are faced with tasks that range from extending legacy assets in an attempt to gain more value out of data…


High Speed Internet Provider

Hybrid cloud is rapidly emerging in the business world with its ability to support enterprises in reducing costs, increasing returns and most importantly, keeping our vital data at our fingertips. So what’s keeping all businesses from completely migrating to the cloud? The fear of a loss of security. To simplify, cloud computing is an internet-based,…