A secure solution to connect your office locations

The use and transfer of data is a fundamental part of businesses’ daily operations, and is necessary to ensure internal efficiency. Without a safe method of communicating with other company members, the productivity of your business will suffer. Whether it’s sending human resources (HR) data to and from headquarters or disseminating a corporate presentation to your sales team, the connection used to send that information matters.

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Connect your offices with a secure end to end data network

Whether it’s across the street or across the country – connecting your businesses is essential to your success. By establishing a fast, reliable Ethernet service between each location, your employees are able to send, receive, and store important data securely. A virtual local-area network (VLAN) provides the capability to consolidate your IT resources under a single roof, allowing you to cut on IT costs. By allowing for the centralization of your corporate IS and IT infrastructure, large networks can be more easily managed.

TeraGo utilizes a variety of technologies, including fixed wireless and Ethernet over cable and fibre to deliver our connectivity solutions. Our Ethernet access is also utilized to deliver voice services, providing the ability to use a single or redundant access from TeraGo to obtain multiple services at once. Our managed national IP network provides coverage in 46 major Canadian markets, so you can connect your company locations within your city and across the nation.

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Connecting your office locations also ensures network consistency, as software configurations can be made at the same time across multiple machines. A VLAN connection also provides improved security by putting all sensitive traffic (and the users who have access to it) on an independent network.

If your company requires high data availability, an Active Redundancy solution will ensure your business remains connected. The solution provides your business the ability to aggregate speeds and balance data loads, creating a faster unified networking connection. Our solution provides businesses with levels of disaster recovery protection typically reserved for large companies.

TeraGo also provides voice communication solutions for your network. TeraGo’s SIP Trunking product provides the ability to interconnect your PBXs between offices and to the world. TeraGo delivers SIP Trunks over private Ethernet networks, unlike other providers who utilize the public Internet – ensuring your conversations are kept private.

The use and transfer of corporate data is a fundamental part of daily operations.

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TeraGo connectivity solutions are 100% independent of other telecom’s wireline services. Utilizing TeraGo’s Internet service (in conjunction with a wireline provider’s service) ensures 100% availability to your mission critical cloud-based applications. This ensures your team can access important company data at any time, from anywhere.

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Have visibility to your network performance. TeraGo offers a managed service, which includes real-time performance reporting as well as 24/7 monitoring. The moment that your connection experiences a service outage, our trained professionals will alert you of the problem. Our Managed Services solution monitors each of your locations, collecting vital network statistics to achieve enhanced visibility.