Get the Cloud Computing and Storage advantage

Adapt to changing business conditions and drive innovation with a solution that matches your unique needs. TeraGo’s Cloud Computing and Storage solutions allow you to move your IT network and infrastructure into the cloud. Our cloud services are housed in TeraGo’s Canadian-based data centre facilities, permitting hybrid cloud / hardware solutions, ensuring a seamless transition of your valuable data.

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Virtualize your IT infrastructure

‘Cloud’ has gone from an industry buzzword to an essential business solution, with more than 1/3 of the data produced, living in, or passing through the cloud. Utilizing cloud technology allows for businesses to reduce operational costs, while increasing efficiency. As data volumes continue to increase, having the ability to manage and safely transmit that data is crucial. [Source]

Storing your data off-site and in a virtual cloud environment allows you to establish a business continuity plan – should your primary data ever get compromised. It also provides your employees with the ability to access company data anytime, anywhere. Since all data is transported and stored in Canada, your most valuable information is protected by strict privacy laws and will not fall subject to invasive International laws, such as the U.S. Patriot Act.

Having access to turn-key, scalable cloud computing services is becoming increasingly important, with more than 60% of businesses utilizing cloud for performing IT-related operations. Providing access to a variety of virtual tools, such as Infrastructure-as-a-Service or Software-as-a-Service, it’s expected that an increasing number of businesses will adopt the cloud. With a large suite and variety of cloud platforms available from TeraGo, your business is able to customize a solution that’s right for you. [Source]

Cloud storage backs up your files in a location that is physically removed from the originals

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It’s important to ensure you have the right internet access connection to support your cloud services. Since cloud computing involves an almost constant upload and download of data, it’s important that you obtain a connection that’s symmetrical, to avoid slowdowns typically experienced with asymmetrical connections. You will also need to confirm that you have enough bandwidth to support the frequent transfer of data.

SSAE 16 Certified Compliant Badge

TeraGo cloud services are hosted in our SSAE16 compliant data centre facilities, located within Canada. With a choice of Windows or Linux operating systems, we provide the ability to configure your cloud server so it easily integrates with your company’s existing network.

Colocation services to house your IT infrastructure

Maintaining your IT infrastructure is critical to overall success. If your IT infrastructure isn’t maintained in a secure, reliable environment, you leave your most valuable asset open to a variety of threats. Colocation provides all the space, power and cooling capacity your business needs to maintain essential IT hardware – and at a lower cost. Our solutions are flexible and scalable, to accommodate the varying growth rates of our customers’ businesses.

By colocating your servers, your company will benefit from cost savings that are much lower than maintaining IT equipment in-house. Our high-security solutions and procedures are backed by an all-in-Canada team with extensive expertise in data centre operations, customer support, engineering and consulting to ensure your equipment stays protected at all times. Colocating in Canada at one of TeraGo Network’s four data centres nationally, also allows you to keep your equipment near your company headquarters.

TeraGo’s Multi-Facility Interconnected Platform includes four geographically dispersed facilities which allow your business to achieve a true business continuity solution. Our truly redundant network, providing maximum connectivity, connects all facility locations across Canada. As your business grows, we provide the capacity needed to support your expanding IT requirements.

The benefits of going Canadian

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The combination of reasonable costs for power and cold weather makes Canada a popular spot for colocation. For once, the cold Canadian winters have their advantages, as the frigid temperatures are used to mitigate the high costs of cooling data centre server infrastructure. Colocation facilities across Canada are able to reduce the cost of cooling by as much as 50% by circulating the cool air.

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Data stored within Canada is protected by strict privacy laws and provides a safe haven from numerous controversial laws, such as the United States Patriot Act.