• End to End Data Flow Management

Fast, flexible and seamless data flow solutions

TeraGo owns its national infrastructure and data centre facilities. Our unique suite of solutions ensures your data is transported and stored with no risk of compromise or loss between your company’s premises and our data centres. TeraGo Networks provides the perfect balance required to manage the end-to-end data flow needs for your business, delivered on our wholly-owned national infrastructure. Our IP-based network is independent from other providers, allowing us to offer a connection that is truly redundant. TeraGo is structured to be fast and flexible in delivering a full suite of data flow solutions that work together seamlessly, so your business no longer has to depend on a different provider for each service.

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"78% of organizations have experienced at least one data breach over the past two years"

Businesses are consistently sending, receiving, and storing mass amounts of company and customer data on a regular basis. Ensuring the data is transmitted and stored securely is essential, as a loss of information can be incredibly detrimental. Gartner reported that 72% of businesses that suffer a major data loss shut down within 2 years*. Finding an IT partner that has the experience and infrastructure to assist businesses with the flow and management of their data is vital. Many large providers are structured in such a way that their services are segregated from one another, making integration for their customers nearly impossible. Meanwhile, the smaller providers don’t have the infrastructure necessary to support the increasing data flow requirements of businesses. [Source]

An IT infrastructure that keeps your data secure

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TeraGo offers an Active Redundancy service that provides the capability to keep your business connected when it matters most. Our solution provides small and medium companies with business continuity and disaster recovery at levels of reliability, typically reserved for large enterprises. TeraGo’s IP-based network is independent from other providers, ensuring your access connection is truly redundant. In addition to eliminating any single point of failure, your business will benefit from load balancing, aggregated speeds and QoS.

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TeraGo manages third party relationships, so you don’t waste valuable time organizing and communicating with multiple vendors. By consolidating your services with one provider, there’s only one bill to pay – and one point of contact. If your company happens to experience service issues, just contact our team of dedicated full-time professionals in our Network Operations Centre, any time – any day, 24/7.