• Hosted PBX

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Private Branch Exchange (PBX) as a managed service

Hosted PBX is an industry leading managed service whereby a business connects to the PBX via a dedicated high-speed access connection. As a fully managed solution, there are no on premise phone systems to purchase, maintain or upgrade for the end client.

Some benefits include:

Our Hosted PBX solution puts your phone switch (PBX) in a managed, secure and reliable cloud environment. The solution provides significantly enhanced call features and utilizes integrated QoS to ensure call quality.

Some of the features provided by our Hosted PBX solution include:

  • Unified Communications: Working with your existing email platform, you’re able to consolidate your email, voicemail and fax into a unified inbox that is accessible any time.
  • Advanced Feature Functionality: An inherent and advanced feature set that allows for a customized incoming call experience. Features such as selective call routing and simultaneous ring means you never miss a business opportunity or customer support call.
  • Cloud-based Interface Control: Easy system administration through a web-based portal, which also allows end users to manage their voicemail, inbound/outbound calling rules, conferencing, and more.
  • Detailed Call Records and Reporting: Real-time, web-based access to a full range of call flow analytics with the ability to generate detailed call and costs reports, providing simplified tracking and billing of client calls.