• Cloud Compute

    The future called, and they want you in it.

cloud computing

Cloud Compute

Business readiness comes in many forms and factors. For many organizations, that means ensuring IT is enabled for the future. When you’re looking at cloud solutions for your business you don’t want to be left behind. Our Cloud Hosting offers you with future ready technology right at your fingertips as an enterprise ready infrastructure.

Get Virtual Data Centre (VDC) capabilities from pooled CPU, RAM, Storage and Networking resources. Avoid the risks and uncertainties of commodity public clouds and their incompatible hybrid cloud.

Our robust, stable and secure, infrastructure service brings you confidence and the ability to choose. Using the latest in VMware based hybrid technology you’re getting full compatibility, agility and scalability so you can deploy directly on an enterprise class cloud.


  • Quickly deploy a predictable and secure hosting infrastructure
  • Extend your data centre. Gain the freedom to move workloads back and forth
  • Infrastructure with the highest levels of security (see certifications)
  • Maintain Canadian Data Sovereignty with a private and secure national network

Have cloud your way. It’s simple. Build your cloud to run the way you need it to not just the way you want.