• Cloud Backup

    Safe and Secure.

    Solutions for all of your data needs. Data is stored in Canada, so privacy is assured.

Cloud Backup Overview

Protecting valuable data is a top priority for everyone from individuals to large enterprises. The cost and impact of lost data to your business can be enormous. RackForce Cloud Backup – Express (RFCB-x) provides an automated safe and secure solution for all your data backup requirements – for servers, desktops and laptops – with one integrated service. RFCB-x offers extensive scalability, security features and ease of use. Its a great data resiliency solution for everyone from a small business with a handful of devices to a large IT organization with hundreds of servers, desktops and laptops.

RFCB-x makes data backup simple: buy a single RFCB-x account starting at 100GB, configure as many devices as you want, and your valuable data is automatically backed up over the Internet to the RackForce Cloud. No additional products to buy, no additional network costs. When the amount of backed-up data exceeds your monthly baseline you’ll be charged only for the actual space used. And when you need to perform a restore a user friendly management console makes the process easy. Anytime, 24/7.

Security is ensured with AES-128, AES-256 or BlowFish-448 encryption of stored and transmitted data. The encryption password is known only to you. Your data is stored in a RackForce facility in Canada that has extensive security features, 24/7 onsite staff and SSAE 3416 third party audited processes.

At a Glance

  • Data privacy assured – Data is stored in Canada
  • Data is protected with encryption
  • One account for servers, desktops and laptops
  • 100GB minimum account size; additional usage charged based on actual space used
  • Easy to use client with automated scheduling
  • Highly efficient with immediate recovery
  • Optional locally stored backup copy
  • Supports your security and compliance requirements
  • Server backup for Exchange, MS SQL, SharePoint, Oracle & VMware

The RackForce Cloud Backup client has a rich and intuitive GUI that gets you started simply and quickly, yet offers a full suite of advanced controls. It enables the experienced administrator to customize the solution to meet your unique needs. Whether your backup needs are small or large you know your backups are safe with RackForce Cloud Backup.