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Microsoft Connection

The Microsoft Connection

microsoft cloud connectionWe are excited to be a Microsoft certified partner, which allows us to offer our customers solutions built on the Microsoft stack and, more specifically, the Microsoft cloud platform. This provides the flexibility to deploy workloads into TeraGo data centres with an opportunity to burst to Microsoft’s new Canadian data centres while taking advantage of the flexibility (when desired) to expand to Azure data centres deployed globally for worldwide reach.

All of TeraGo cloud services – IaaS, DRaaS, DBaaS and WaaS are fully integrated into Microsoft’s Canadian Azure cloud for on-demand access and hyper-scale functionality.

We understand that innovation is important to our customers. To fully embrace the digital transformations occurring across all industries, you need access to the technology driving these changes. TeraGo is well positioned to take advantage of all the innovation Microsoft is delivering through its suite of products and services. This means we can deliver the solutions our customers are looking for.

Microsoft Azure – Your access to a Hyper-Scale Cloud

Fully integrated access to Azure is not something that just anyone can do. We are directly connected by design into the Microsoft hyper-scale model. Providing a hyper-scale cloud requires radical restructuring of technology, processes and people. Microsoft has made this investment, making it one of only a handful of global hyper-scale cloud providers and TeraGo has fully invested in Microsoft.

What does this mean for our customers?

microsoft cloud connectionWhatever workload our customers need, we can auto-scale or burst into the Microsoft hyper-scale cloud and work there. Always available, on demand and seamless for our customers. It means customers don’t have to go to multiple providers to get everything they need.

What is “Bursting to the Cloud”?

When you go on vacation, do you rent a car for the full week you’re there, or do you rent the car only for the couple of days you plan to go exploring? Obviously, if you want to be thrifty, you’re going to choose the latter. Why pay for something you’re not using?

The same goes for your business applications.

microsoft cloud connectionLet’s say you are running a workload and you need to run analytics that are going to take a lot of compute power. The workload can seamlessly burst up to Microsoft’s public hyper-scale cloud, do some number-crunching, and then come back to TeraGo’s cloud to do the report outputting.

Being able to scale dynamically helps optimize cost and performance and you don’t have to pay for something you only need a couple of hours in the day.

So, while that’s the definition, for our customers the process is seamless. As your service provider, TeraGo’s cloud can burst to Microsoft’s public cloud, allowing us to take advantage of the nearly unlimited capabilities, applications and capacity that are available in Azure.

Infrastructure (IaaS)

Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS)

handle ITHandling your own IT infrastructure can be a headache. Time and resources are limited. Your IT team doesn’t have enough hours in a day to manage your existing infrastructure, provide new servers and storage to meet increasing data demands, and deliver on priority projects. Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) is the secret to relieving your overwhelmed IT workforce.

IaaS embraces cloud services as an alternative to on-premises IT infrastructure. This service is ideal for anyone who:

  • is looking to extend a legacy asset into a new environment currently hosted on-premises or in a service provider’s data centre. You’ve made the investment in a piece of technology, but you want more engagement, more value out of your data, to expose more customers around the globe to your business and increase market reach.
  • is building new applications to drive innovation and competitive advantage. Your applications need to be very dynamic and very scalable (potentially automatically scalable).
  • needs the ability to burst or auto-scale between two points. You’re looking for a hybrid environment for your workloads. Your goal is to operate your workloads between a private data centre and the Azure hyper-scale cloud, which affords you the ability to burst between these two locations.

Self-service your IaaS needs with Virtual Private Networking Services

The capability to self-service is important. With Microsoft’s Virtual Private Networking (VPN) service, you have self-service access to create LAN networks for your workloads. You can manage all the segregation and isolation between your workloads and control what is customer-facing versus internet-facing, a capability that often requires heavy customization and investment.

What is VPN? It’s typically called Software Defined Networking. It is your private network to the cloud so you can:

  • Build a hybrid infrastructure that you control
  • Bring your own IP addresses and DNS servers
  • Secure your connections with an IPSec VPN or ExpressRoute
  • Gain granular control over traffic between subnets
  • Create sophisticated network topologies using virtual appliances
  • Get an isolated and secure environment for your applications

With Azure, we can implement IaaS specific to your business’s needs. As a Microsoft Cloud Solution Provider, we have deep knowledge and provide consultation of how the Azure platform can support your business needs. You will not only have the benefit of utilizing TeraGo’s Microsoft private cloud for your mission-critical workloads, but you will also be able to leverage Microsoft’s hyper-scale public cloud where you have access to a full selection of applications. You have access to all the space you need to get the right infrastructure for your business.

benefits of laas

The Benefits of IaaS

By implementing IaaS, your business can expect to:

  • get the most out of your IT investment
  • enable business agility
  • drive operational efficiencies
  • modernize your IT infrastructure

Disaster Recovery (DRaaS)

Disaster Recovery as a Service (DRaaS)

You have a back-up – but can you recover?

microsoft cloud backupIf your business has IT, you need a disaster recovery plan (DRP). You have an insurance policy on your home, so why wouldn’t you have one on the data and applications you use to run your business? Downtime costs money. According to Aberdeen Group research, an hour of downtime can cost a business an average of $260,000 (that’s up 60% from 2014!)

We believe disaster recovery is much more than just having back-up. You need to be able to recover – and quickly. What’s scary is that most businesses think they have a DRP in place, but they don’t actually know if it works. It was never tested. In some cases, it isn’t even documented. What’s the point of an insurance policy if it never actually kicks into effect?

Our Approach to Disaster Recovery

Disaster recovery is much more than just providing you with a back-up. We believe in a holistic disaster recovery service. We work with you to build a process and a model that will help you recover when you need to. Together, we will understand what needs to be backed up and what is most important for your day-to-day operations, determining the RTO (Recovery Time Objective) and RPO (Recovery Point Objective) of every application and data your business relies on. This ensures that your most critical business applications have the right plan in place.

Here’s a crazy idea:

microsoft cloud backupWe’re going to test your disaster recovery plan by running actual scenarios. In this way, we can guarantee that your business can recover. We will document the process, write a report, and issue a certificate so you can be assured you’re covered in the case of any downtime.

TeraGo’s DRaaS leverages Azure Site Recovery (ASR) to extend your data centre and protect your infrastructure. Through ASR, TeraGo is able to deliver disaster recovery for the following scenarios:

  • DRaaS for applications currently hosted in your data center, with the TeraGo cloud
  • DRaaS for applications hosted in your TeraGo cloud environment, with Microsoft’s Azure hyper-scale public cloud

Whether your applications and data are housed in the Microsoft’s Azure hyper-scale public cloud, your own Microsoft data centre, or a TeraGo data centre, we can develop a disaster recovery process to ensure what you need is available in one of our seven data centres.