Customers must be able to reach your business at all times. Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attacks and other malicious attacks are designed to disrupt the customer experience, posing a significant threat to the bottom line of your business.   DDoS attacks often serve as a diversionary tactic, having you focus on one issue, while slowly allowing other cyber tools to infiltrate your network, stealing company and customer data. Businesses are not only susceptible to revenue or data loss, but also significant brand damage that is often too difficult to overcome. Is your brand strong enough to survive such a costly attack?


TeraGo DDoS Mitigation Services utilize proven processes and technologies to provide always-on, in-line coverage against network, server and application level attacks. Our detection and mitigation systems are located at our Internet peering points, continuously monitoring all inbound traffic, allowing TeraGo to stop DDoS attacks before they reach your network. When a threat is detected, our defense systems control and mitigate the threat within 30 seconds by interrupting communications with compromised hosts. The affected traffic is off-ramped to TeraGo’s scrubbing systems to identify the connections generating the DDoS attacks, allowing clean data. Near real-time reports are available to Gold level customers to gain visibility into their traffic patterns, potential threats, and the types of attacks.

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