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Author: This week’s blog post was written by Bernard Chan, an expert on Cloud Solutions and Cloud Services Product Manager at TeraGo Networks. In today’s information-based economy, a company’s data is its most valuable asset. Whether it is the company’s own intellectual property or its customer’s personal information, there is significant competitive and reputational reasons…


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Hybrid cloud is rapidly emerging in the business world with its ability to support enterprises in reducing costs, increasing returns and most importantly, keeping our vital data at our fingertips. So what’s keeping all businesses from completely migrating to the cloud? The fear of a loss of security. To simplify, cloud computing is an internet-based,…

Can Your Business Survive a DDoS Attack?

By Network product expert, Aaron McIntosh DDoS attacks pose an increasing threat to businesses, especially those managing e-commerce applications. While DDoS attacks originally began as mischievous attempts to frustrate organizations and users, many have become much more sinister in nature, costing organizations billions each year. From small malware intrusions to large server floods or data…

An Isolated Cloud for Absolute Performance and Security

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Author: This week’s blog post was written by Bernard Chan, Cloud Services Product Manager at TeraGo Networks. When considering which cloud solution is right for your business, we compare it to choosing a type of residence; the Multi-Tenant cloud is highly competent in that it hosts multiple tenants, with cost-optimization. The Single-Tenant cloud hosts one…

Why Geography is So Important to Cloud Providers

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Many providers in the cloud market are clamoring to capitalize on their “rock bottom pricing” when catching customers’ attention. But with all that noise regarding price, it’s more important than ever that customers really focus on how the provider’s offering will add value to their business and address over-arching goals. One key consideration? Geographical location….

How TeraGo & RackForce are Building a Stronger Canadian Cloud

Since its recent acquisition by Terago Networks, the RackForce cloud is accessible to more Canadian enterprise businesses than ever. With an arsenal of resources and expertise, TeraGo offers End to End data solutions such as Internet, Cloud, Voice, and Colocation. Let’s take a closer look at how RackForce’s enterprise cloud is further enhanced by TeraGo: Deployment for ANY…