Third Octet

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Third Octet is an award-winning IT solution and managed services provider specializing in virtualization, cloud, and workforce mobilization. The company fulfills business challenges by utilizing dependable technology services, solutions, and approaches targeted towards the small to medium (SMB) and enterprise markets.

Business Challenge

Having outgrown their original office in Toronto, Third Octet moved north to Vaughan, which offered competitive lease rates and easy commutes for their team. The move, however, resulted in the problem of having to reconsider their colocation provider at the time. The commute into the city had become a burden during any time sensitive issues needing “hands on” in the colocation, and they soon realized they needed to change providers. Third Octet required a data center that was outside of the typical traffic routes in a location that was easy to get to, central for the team, and outside of areas that would typically be prone to situations inhibiting access.

Having worked with many colocation providers over decades, the Third Octet team were very familiar with what was around in terms of data centre options, as well as who charged what, who provided value-add, and who was easy to work with. The idea of hosting their infrastructure within their own office facilities was never an attractive option for Third Octet, as they felt the efforts of those who specialized in this service should be used instead of investing their own capital. In their search for a new provider the team re-visited every data center within their immediate vicinity including Brampton, Etobicoke, Toronto and Mississauga, and met with individuals at almost every business level, from executive to technical. Unfortunately at this point they found that not one data center fully met their requirements related to cost, value-add and straight forward sales tactics.

Solution: Data Centers Canada Colocations Services

Through research done by their Director of Sales, Marc Toste, Third Octet soon came across DCC.
Having not heard of DCC before, the Third Octet team kept an open mind, and after meeting with them realized that if Third Octet had headed in the direction of building and design data center facilities, they would have followed DCC’s business model to a tee. They found DCC to be an approachable and accommodating provider with a wealth of value-add and clear cut service offerings and options, with no surprises and total transparency. DCC was exactly what Third Octet was looking for, and no less than a week after an agreement was signed, they were in the facility.

“DCC has provided us with a remarkable experience,” says Matthew Metelsky, Senior Consultant, “and our availability is testament to that fact – nearly 750 days of continuous uptime, not including any scheduled outages where, even then, interruptions were minimal.” And, with the expansion of DCC under the TeraGo brand, Third Octet has also been given the ability to provide services across Canada without having to form relationships with separate providers.

“We recommend DCC to other businesses, in a roundabout way, every day.” continues Matthew, “We’re open to where our cloud is hosted, and advocate DCC as an excellent provider should our clients choose a direct route; however, most of our clients leverage our cloud and as-a-service models for their infrastructure and IT requirements. Having DCC as our provider, with their extremely competitive pricing, allows us to provide exceptional cloud solutions to our clients at exceptional prices all with availability metrics that we’ve never seen with other providers.”