Passion Inc – High Speed Internet Case Study

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Passion LogoFounded in 1994, by brothers Mark and Nathan Laurie, Passion Inc. is one of North America’s leading publishers targeting the university and college market. In addition to publishing Job Postings, the world’s largest student job magazine, the company owns and manages and, to help connect students with employers who are actively recruiting at entry level. Passion also owns Apply to Education, Canada’s biggest teacher job site and application tracking system, used by over 165 school boards nationwide.

“As we grow as an organization, we are confident that TeraGo will effectively support our continued need for a strong and scalable data communications backbone.”

Mark Laurie, founder Passion Inc.

Business Challenge

With 21 employees, nine of whom telecommute, and 250,000 unique monthly visitors between its three websites, Passion Inc. needed a reliable, high-speed Internet connection.

Prior to 2004, the Toronto-based company was using DSL to connect to the Internet, but Mark and Nathan Laurie soon discovered that their network connectivity was having trouble keeping up with the increased popularity of the websites. “We also wanted to install an IP phone system and looked into using fibre,” said Mark Laurie. “But our main objective was to get more bandwidth for less money, and that wasn’t going to be possible with cable.”

Passion was in need of an efficient solution to help support its growing connectivity requirements for internal web hosting and for remote workers. “We turned to TeraGo Networks to address all of our office and website connectivity needs,” said Mark.

Solution: TeraGo Networks E10 & E20 Service

TeraGo’s E10 Internet Access service quickly proved to be the right choice to meet Passion’s requirements for flexible scaling, cost-effective connectivity and network reliability. But within three years, Passion began to outgrow the E10 solution and needed to upgrade the existing service. TeraGo’s E20 Internet Access service was an easy leap to higher bandwidth. “We ran out of bandwidth,” explained Mark. “You could say that we were using a straw, but now we have a garden hose.” The upgraded E20 service enabled the company to simultaneously run its website hosting application, the IP phone network, office connectivity and its Citrix environment, which allows users to access all software and files remotely.

“The TeraGo service has been absolutely seamless,” added Mark. “Whenever we’ve encountered any issues, which have been close to none, we call the Technical Support Centre, and the technicians have been great to deal with.” Mark recalls only one occasion in the last three years where Passion required that TeraGo come to their office. “Our office building’s roof was being redone and the property manager wanted to move our TeraGo radio. I had them stop doing work on the roof and a technician from TeraGo was on site within an hour to resolve the issue.”

According to Mark, TeraGo’s technology and customer service has been incomparable. “As we grow as an organization, we are confident that TeraGo will effectively support our continued need for a strong and scalable data communications backbone,” he said.

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