TeraGo Networks developed a customized solution for Quicktech Computer Consulting, Inc. to modernize their o-site data storage capabilities, provide them geographic redundancy, and develop a disaster recovery and data continuity plan.


Quicktech Computer Consulting, Inc. is a Vancouver-based business that provides on-site, remote, managed, and co-managed IT services to Canadian businesses in a variety of industries.

Situation Analysis

While Quicktech stored their mission-critical data in a facility in Kelowna, BC, their expanding customer base required data redundancy on a national level. Finding a partner with facilities based on the East coast became a priority. Quicktech also needed a partner that aligned with their specific needs and had a proven track record in data security and warehousing, and that their capabilities aligned with Quicktech’s specific needs.

Business Issues

In order to meet their data storage needs Quicktech needed the following requirements to be met:

  1. Disaster Recovery Plan:  A solution for backing up and quickly recovering customer data in case of catastrophic event.
  2. Geo-Diverse Redundancy: Data needed to be stored at a remote location that would remain unaffected by any potential natural disaster at the primary storage site.
  3. Real-time Access to Data Health Information: The ability to contact the remote facility at any time to receive updates on or access to the physical data.

Initial Environment

Quicktech’s data (both on-site and in a BC data centre) was vulnerable to catastrophic loss because of the backup’s proximity to the primary storage location. They were unable to offer data security and preservation by way of national-level redundancy to their customers. They sought a partner who Hands & Eyes Rapid Response:met their requirements for quick response time, high availability, proper bandwidth, and price.


TeraGo was able to successfully provide the following solutions to meet Quicktech’s requirements

  1. Cross-country Data Backup:  Quicktech was attracted to TeraGo’s data centre in Vaughan, Ontario due to its remote location and secure facility. The data centre itself features a self-contained power infrastructure and security features that further ensure the safety of the data on-site.
  2. Hands & Eyes Rapid Response:  For any urgent needs, Quicktech can put in a Hands & Eyes support request with the TeraGo team. This means that on-site TeraGo personnel in Vaughan, Ontario access Quicktech’s data and hardware directly to address any issues or needs mthat cannot be solved remotely. Quicktech Co-Owner Dustin Cassar provides insight on TeraGo’s response time: “There have been a few occasions where we’ve asked TeraGo to check in on our data and give us a diagnostic report, and we always receive a fast and thorough response.”
  3. TeraGo Networks, Inc. as Multi-Service Partner:  After extensive research, Quicktech determined that TeraGo was the provider that fit their needs because they offered Disaster Recovery, redundancy and had a national presence. “We went to a number of options with a set of needs, and we found the best fit with TeraGo. They were able to provide a balance of quality response time, high availability, bandwidth, and reasonable pricing that competitors just didn’t offer.   In addition to the service, TeraGo also had that personal touch that really made us feel that our business was fully supported,” said Cassar. 


By partnering with TeraGo, Quicktech was able to accomplish all of their goals for backing up data critical to their business – while also meeting critical business requirements, such as Disaster Recovery services and redundancy on a national level.  Quicktech sees TeraGo as a trusted partner, that can scale quickly to meet growing business demands not only for Disaster Recovery and redundancy but for other services such as cloud, internet and voice.  Dustin Cassar concluded “In a market where there are a lot of  smaller players, finding a trusted name like TeraGo gives us the peace of mind that we’re taken care of.”