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Don't get caught with your internet down

You can’t predict when the next outage or service interruption will occur, but you can take the right steps to ensure your company is prepared. Despite many business-class providers offering robust SLA’s on their access and data networking services, the compensation for a down connection typically covers the cost of the service – not the cost of lost business. TeraGo provides a truly redundant solution that facilitates nearly 100% uptime connectivity and enhances your service. In the unfortunate event that your primary Internet connection experiences a disruption, traffic will be rerouted to any additional links connected to our active redundancy solution. Depending on your business requirements, we can provide an active or passive connection.

Our Active Redundancy services provide the following:

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True Redundancy

If one connection drops, the system will seamlessly transition to the additional connections.

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Load Balancing

Maximize bandwidth usage by aggregating your links, allowing your service to perform like one connection while enabling the ability to load balance.

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Aggregate Speeds

Achieve even greater speeds through compression and acceleration by combining multiple links.

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QoS Enablement

The active redundancy service automatically determines which access has the best performance characteristics, including latency and jitter. Time sensitive applications, such as VoIP, will be transmitted over the higher quality link.