TeraGo Cloud Services Explained

Single Tenant Cloud

The Single-Tenant Cloud is a private and dedicated Cloud environment in which the infrastructure, instance, and database serve one customer with multiple workloads.  This cloud delivers greater processing power made to enable computations that are more complex, and also handle higher volumes of data.  A Single-Tenant Cloud can be likened to a family (a business) renting a house, where all the facilities on premise (resources in the cloud) are solely allocated within the household (business employees), with private property-like access restrictions to the premise. This means a customizable Cloud offering with far-reaching flexibility to sustain the individual needs of a business. The Single-Tenant Cloud’s scalability is limitless in the way the cloud can expand with the growth of the business. This cloud service possesses data sovereignty as we are entirely hosted in Canada, and therefore, are not affected by any international government interventions. This Cloud is built on TeraGo’s standards of security and meets all industry compliance requirements, and for that reason is commonly used in entities like government, municipalities, school boards and districts, healthcare, and utility companies.