TeraGo Cloud Services Explained

Multi-Tenant (Public) Cloud

Our Multi-Tenant Cloud is known for its cost-efficiency and capacity to serve multiple tenants simultaneously. This cloud works best for lighter workloads that require less processing power and is the most universally adopted cloud service across a wide range of industries. Tenants occupy their own space and resources as tenants of a building do, where resources (and technology) are shared among all tenants, yet all business customers are managed separately with TeraGo’s comprehensive security-based infrastructure. TeraGo offers an extensive range of compute and storage performance to meet the diverse customer needs. The Multi-Tenant Cloud comes equipped with Backup/ Restore and Disaster Recovery with the industry’s leading implementations. TeraGo’s Cloud solutions are entirely hosted in Canada and possess data sovereignty, eliminating any political and jurisdictional privacy risks.

The Multi-Tenant Cloud is transforming the current era with its ability to remain highly scalable with minimal lead time, and offering cost-optimization, resulting in prominent savings for our customers.