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The TeraGo Cloud

Our cloud services are focused on resilience, flexibility and scalability in a way that tailor-fits your business requirements. TeraGo’s cloud computing technology is created to be invisible, where cloud service implementation and technology are actively managed, so that our customers can respond to their business requirements in a faster way. Our cloud service offers the compute and storage options of traditional datacenters, without having to pay the substantial price, since customers are only paying upon usage of resources.

When it comes to security, we take serious measures to protect our customers’ data; this includes 24/7 guarded security detail on premises, biometric security to enter and exit the premises, as well as meeting all industry security compliance and certifications. When it comes to cloud backup, cloud storage and other cloud computing services, TeraGo is a front-runner in reliability as well, since our cloud solutions coincide in two geographical sites that work as a simultaneous backup feature for one another – this acts as insurance for the customer even in the case of natural disasters. We take pride in the fact that our cloud service is 100% Canadian, allowing us data sovereignty, and guaranteeing that our customers do not face any interruptions from external governments. We manage with our remarkably secure infrastructure so that our customers’ businesses can operate with confidence.

TeraGo’s cloud services serve a variety of business needs, and we are there for every step in helping our customer choose and deploy the cloud that supports their unique business objectives. All of our cloud backup and other cloud computing services can be combined with our internet and voice services to meet all business’ IT needs.

Our cloud is delivered in three main Cloud services: Single-Tenant (Private Cloud), Multi-tenant (Public Cloud), and Bare Metal (Dedicated Cloud). TeraGo cloud solutions all encompass fully-managed services, full scalability, reliability through redundancy and dedicated customer support.

Multi-Tenant (Public) Cloud

Our Multi-Tenant Cloud is known for its cost-efficiency and capacity to serve multiple tenants simultaneously. This cloud works best for lighter workloads that require less processing power and is the most universally adopted cloud service across a wide range of industries.

Single-Tenant Cloud

The Single-Tenant Cloud is a private and dedicated Cloud environment in which the infrastructure, instance, and database serve one customer with multiple workloads. This cloud delivers greater processing power made to enable computations that are more complex, and also handle higher volumes of data

Bare Metal Cloud

The Bare Metal Cloud is an enhancement to the Single-Tenant Cloud, which enables it to serve as a private and dedicated infrastructure for one customer with full customization flexibility; this means raw performance with ‘no noisy neighbours’.


Maintain Business Continuity and access to your Cloud Services at all times. Customers must be able to reach your business at all times. Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attacks and other malicious attacks are designed to disrupt the customer experience.