• End to End Data Services to help your business thrive

Cloud Compute, Cloud Storage and Cloud Services

Migrating your IT network and infrastructure into the cloud allows your business to save on costs and simplify management by outsourcing your aging IT infrastructure. We offer both Compute and Storage Services, providing your business with the ability to create your own virtual data centre.

Server colocation in our secure Canadian Data Centres

Offset your operational costs and maintain complete control over your equipment by housing it in one of TeraGo’s Canadian-based data centre facilities. For businesses looking to expand their IT server infrastructure without breaking the bank, colocation is a more economical choice than building your own facility.

Internet and Data Access

The foundation of any business, a fast and reliable Internet/data service connects companies with their customers, while providing the link needed to utilize a variety of applications and virtual services. Our fully symmetrical Internet delivers speeds from 3 Mbps to 1 Gbps. All our access services come with redundancy and managed service options.

Whether you’re looking for Internet/data access or cloud solutions, we offer a variety of technologies that can be used independently or combined to create an optimized IT experience.

All services are part of TeraGo’s Data Flow Security Suite