• About TeraGo

    Your business runs 24/ 7,
    and your data is core to your business.

Thousands of clients rely on us to deliver business dataflow solutions

TeraGo offers the perfect combination of telecommunications and IT solutions; we provide the capability to efficiently address your secure data flow and management requirements. These are leveraged by our wholly owned national infrastructure, which spans 46 markets. With over 15 years of providing business-only internet & voice access, data centre and cloud services, we are the perfect partner to understand and deliver the solutions required to manage your data and infrastructure, securely and efficiently with no worries or hassles.

Cross-Canada Coverage, 24/7, 365 days a year

Our offices – like our network – span across Canada to bring your company the services and solutions needed to achieve success. You’re the expert with regards to your business needs, which is why we consult with you to identify the solutions that are the right fit, based upon your existing and future IT needs. Your data is one of your most significant assets – and impairment of your data and its movement can significantly impact your business. By providing an end-to-end solution – all the way from your IT infrastructure in the office to your IT resources in the cloud – your company can reduce the operational and capital costs of managing your own equipment, while significantly reducing the risk of data loss.

Go! Safe and Secure

Keep your data and your Internet activity secure using a combination of our data centre, cloud and access services. This will keep 100% of your business data inside our secure Canadian network. Go secure with TeraGo, don’t risk your business data.

Go! Lean

Remove servers from your office and connect at top speeds to the Internet and to your data in a secure Canadian data centre. Your servers and your data are safe in the TeraGo Cloud. You and your employees can access your business from anywhere on earth.

Go! Canadian

Keep your data in Canada, away from prying eyes. At TeraGo, 100% of your business data is transported across our network and stored in our secured facilities across Canada. Businesses globally can now take advantage of data storage and cloud computing in Canada where some of the smartest people in the world work continuously to secure and serve their customers.

Go! Coverage across Canada

Our wholly owned network spans across Canada, delivering the solutions businesses need to grow. We can connect your offices together and to the world using our secure network, all across Canada.

Go! Customer Service

Your solutions are supported by our Canadian-based Network Operations Centre, available 24/7, and our escalation matrix puts you in direct contact with our CEO if timing is over 6 hours.